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CPC maintains a strong commitment to societal development and corporate social responsibility

CPC believes that education is the key to social and economic development, which is why it supports its employees in attaining higher education through scholarship programs for Masters degrees and PhDs, as well as summer training programs in Egypt and abroad. CPC knows that by investing in our local talent we’re securing a long-term investment in our own growth. To this end, CPC is the proud sponsor of a specialized poultry production department at the University of Damanhur’s Faculty of Agriculture.

CPC and the University of Damanhur

CPC reached a renewable, five-year partnership agreement with the University of Damanhur’s Faculty of Agriculture to establish a new specialized department that will focus on poultry production. The department will work to develop a curriculum that combines theoretical study and practical training to be carried out on the company’s farms.

Under the supervision of CPC, nominated students will acquire the necessary skillset to obtain their certifying degrees. College students will be awarded a Bachelor of Agriculture – Division of Poultry Production, accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education. Additionally, CPC will extend financial support in the form of a monthly incentive for students (including allowances for transportation and meals), as well as accommodation and any required training materials.

The program, which has been running successfully for five years, aims to equip students with the basic managerial and technical skills needed in the market, increasing their prospects of becoming specialized managers (in fields such as GP, Parents, Broilers, Feed & Hatcheries).

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