Whatever the challenge

CPC is a fully integrated investment group in the food industry, which began operations in 1977. Today, it is a pioneering investment group with a portfolio of powerful market-leading companies. It maintains a strong commitment to societal development and corporate social responsibility.

At these times of financial turmoil, all industries may expect to struggle, however survival will then be for those who have what it takes.

Here, CPC’s Core Values come into action:

Some of the things we’re known for

In the food business, quality, efficiency,and value are just some of the things that set companies apart. We are known not only for those but a vast array of other positive attributes… and we’re anxious to take on more.
Hubbard, Arbor Acres and Flex are our International brand leaders in grandparent breeders.
KOKI & Americana are CPC’s flag ship brands. They are supported by vigorous advertising, as well as display refrigerators installed in retail stores exclusively stocking CPC brands as part of a local sales strategy. We capitalize on strong brand identity to further deepen market penetration and expand market share.

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