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Our Strategy

Our strategy resolves around our vertically integrated business model.

By optimizing every step in the supply chain, CPC is able to maximize profits and minimize costs. Strong brand recognition and our unique position as sole agent for Hubbard and Arbor Acres grandparents also help to distinguish us in the Egyptian market. With an unparalleled distribution network of refrigerator trucks and retail outlets, we account for 95% of Egypt’s retail freezing capacity and a healthy share of chilled and frozen chicken sales nationwide.

Thanks to the dynamics of the Egyptian poultry market, we are well positioned to capitalize on changing consumer preference trends that sees Egyptians now preferring to purchase processed chicken. With significant investments in the near-to-medium term to increase capacity at all stages in our supply chain, we are well-positioned to meet growing demand.

In the past decade of operations, we have invested heavily to increase production capacity. This aggressive investment regime has directly contributed to our strong market share and enabled us to remain the largest and most diverse player in the Egyptian market.

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