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October 15, 2020

Cairo Poultry Company Launches its new “Koki Gold” product range

Cairo Poultry Company (POUL.CA on the Egyptian Stock Exchange – EGX), announced the launch of a new range of value-added products; “Koki Gold” under the “Koki” brand to be available locally. The new range consists of 7 products, including chicken and beef, as well as some seafood products for the first time. Such launch strengthens the companys’ position the in the local market, as well as its financial performance. Besides, it aims to capitalize on the strong band equity possessed by Koki. This is the first product launch since 2017.

“Our team had done an excellent job in just few months developing a range of new and exciting products offering premium quality to the local market.” said Adel Al Alfi, CPC Managing Director. “With Koki Gold range, CPC now has the best frozen protein portfolio to cater all needs of our customers,” he added. We already began rolling out these products in all hyper markets and large grocery stores. And we are working on covering all outlets in the near future. Such developments are among the companys’ strategy to offer appealing products to satisfy the growing demand.

It is worth noting that the new range offers only whole muscle (pure meats) products and includes a variety of signature Koki products, as well as the newly introduced products. Such products are made from high-quality chicken, sourced from our farms. Whereas the beef and seafood products are sourced from high-end suppliers to guarantee both the quality and origins of the raw materials, as the company is keen on providing healthy and safe products.

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