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April 12, 2015

Arbor Acres Symposium in Cooperation with Cairo Poultry Company (CPC) and Misr Poultry Grandparents (MPG)

Misr Poultry Grandparents (MPG) and Cairo Poultry Company (CPC) were chosen to host an Arbor Acres symposium, which aimed to support the growth and performance of Arbor Acres Plus in the local market. The symposium acted as a platform for the launch of a series of events to be held over the next 18 months, designed to encourage investment in the market and convey key technical information.

The one-day symposium attracted over 100 people from the poultry sector and related industries and was inaugurated by the General Manager of MPG Dr. Khaled Mustafa, who in his opening remarks welcomed the audience and participating international and local speakers.

“CPC has historically dedicated itself to raising standards across the poultry industry in Egypt. Our contributions have included organizing these seminars and symposiums to bring the latest information and technology to our local market,” said Mustafa.

The issues raised at the symposium were carefully selected to include pertinent topics, such as public activities, the latest business activities of Arbor Acres, nutrition, biosafety and detailed poultry management techniques. The symposium also successfully established the basis for a specialized school in poultry raising, the plans for which will be initiated later this year with the contribution and cooperation of CPC and Arbor Acres.

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