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Company Outlook

As the market continues to recover, we are nonetheless well-prepared for the challenges the coming period are expected to present. Management remains confident that the people, processes and fundamentals are in place to navigate our company through an environment of high inflation, currency devaluation, rising costs of inputs, and a dynamic political environment.

As a consumer foods venture, CPC has a natural buffer from the full impact of these shocks: People must eat. And the natural desire for high-quality, affordable, safe meals does not diminish even as uncertainty niggles at consumer confidence. Unfortunately, we will not be fully immune, as continued constraints on the country’s tourism sector will impact sales to hotels and restaurants. We may also expect to see some challenges in our business-to-business sales.

General market conditions aside, it is important to stress that the Egyptian poultry sector fundamentals remain quite solid. With the Egyptian poultry market continuing to witness a deficit in supply and local poultry consumption remaining well below global averages our outlook for continued expansion in the coming period remains largely positive.

From grandparents and parents to hatcheries, broilers and processing; as well as animal feed, CPC brings to the table a safe, healthy and globally competitive offering. We are confident that our team will harness the full competitive advantages of our vertically integrated approach not only to overcome any persistent market challenges, but also to capture the upside presented by the return to growth at home alongside widening export horizons.

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